Decorative Candles

These candles can either be burned (follow our burning instructions if you want to preserve the beauty of our candles for years to come), or they can be pre-drilled at your request to accommodate an LED for convenience. They come in different sizes and shapes, see each product page for a more complete description regarding size and design. We are proud of our original designs that you will not find anywhere else!!

Decorative Candles


Our Lighthouse Candle has been a very popular addition to our candle line. The tall lighthouse has windows that are illuminated by the candles flame. Flanking the lighthouse are seagulls, a pelican and the sun shining through from above.  

Cross Candle

The Cross Candle has an ornate cross on one side only.  It comes in one size - approximately 8" in height.  When lit or illuminated with an LED, the cross is radiant.