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Dutch Garden®


We are most widely recognized for our Dutch Garden® Candles!

Make Size and Pre-Drilled Well choices before viewing colors.

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We are most widely recognized for our Dutch Garden® Candles. These candles come in a multitude of colors, and each candle has six different designs displayed on each of its six panels. These designs include the windmill, tulips, hummingbird, butterfly, fantasy flower and swan.  See a 360º view of our trademarked Dutch Garden designs at the bottom of this page.  Please note, each candle has the same six designs regardless of size or color. When ordering a Dutch Garden® candle, simply select  the color and size desired.

Select size using the dropdown box above. (See Size Comparison picture below.)

Select color using the swatch examples shown above.  (Click on large picture to the left of the dropdown boxes, candle will come up in a new frame with a clearer image.)  Please note: we can make any design candle in any color.  So if you see a color combination on another page that you would like for this candle, simply select “Custom Color” and write the color name that you would like for your candle in the Customer Notes box which appears during the ordering process.  You may order a candle made with your own combination of custom colors at no additional charge as well. To order custom colors select “Custom Color”, and then call us at 1-800-238-8467 or describe the colors that you would like in the Customer Notes box when you order. Please note, our candles are hand crafted and slight variations of colors should be expected.  Candle bases are not included with candle, but can be purchased separately.

Recommended accessories:

Pre-Drilled Well


Ceramic Base


Please note, each candle has the same six designs regardless of size or color. When ordering a Dutch Garden® candle, simply select  the color and size desired.  The candle made for the “How It’s Made” show was the small size Dutch Garden style candle in the Kiwi and Periwinkle color!

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