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Large natural seashells rim the bottom of this uncomplicated view of the ocean floor. The seashells may vary from candle to candle – no two are ever the same, just as in nature!

Color examples can be seen on our color chart page. You may order a candle made with your own combination of custom colors at no additional charge as well. To order custom colors please call us at 1-800-238-8467. Please note, our candles are hand crafted and slight variations of colors should be expected.

Due to the larger size of the base of this candle, we do not offer a
coordinating stand.

New! We have added our LED Votive Insert Kit to the product options below. Click here to read about the LED Votive Inserts.

And for our customers who really don’t want any part of lighting their new candle, we can pre-drill the well for you so that when you get the candle, it is all ready for a votive insert. If you select the “Pre-Drill Well” option, we will drill a well approximately 2 inches deep into the top of your candle to accommodate a regular votive candle or an LED votive insert, allowing you to skip the process of burning the well out yourself. *Once a candle has a pre-drilled well, the wick is gone and the actual candle cannot be lit.

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