This page is intended to aid you in the process of ordering a personalized candle. However, all personalized candles must be ordered over the phone (800) 238-8467. Prices and delivery times for personalized candles will differ from standard candles.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of these custom made keepsakes.

Personalized Candles

Personalized candles make wonderful keepsakes for special occasions.  Our personalized candles are customer favorites, both for gift giving and for use in a wedding ceremony as a unity candle.  They are equally suitable as anniversary gifts to congratulate a couple for an enduring and successful marriage.  Our Wedding, Sweetheart, Sweetheart Flare, Lily and Round Floral Cross style candles are most suitable for celebrating a wedding or a wedding anniversary.

But there are also many other occasions that our personalized candles are used to commemorate.  Our candles can be used to help you celebrate births, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, or any event that deserves special recognition.  A personalized memorial candle can be a comforting remembrance of loved ones who have passed on as well.

Inlay vs. Plaque Option

Our candles can be personalized with Inlays or Plaques.

Below, two examples of Inlay candles are shown. The personalized item is actually imbedded in the wax while the candle is being carved.


Inlay candles are available in the large or medium sizes only. The shape of the inlay can be heart-shaped, oval, or adjusted to the contours of the item (such as a wedding invitation or photograph), which you provide. The size of the printed material on the inlay can be up to 4 ½ inches tall for the large size candle and 2 ½ inches tall for the medium candle, and a width of 2 ½ inches for either size candle.  A custom printed inlay will add $15 to the cost of the candle ordered.

The candle designs available for the inlay candle are either the Wedding with swans,  a cross and doves carved on the reverse side of the candle; or the Sweetheart design, with hearts carved on the reverse side.  Both the Wedding and the Sweetheart candles have the full, curled, basketweave-like  Holland House Candle cut at the base that we are so well known for.

An example of a Plaque is shown below.


The plaque is added to the candle after the candle has been carved. The plaque is attached to the candle with pearl-headed pins, is framed with a decorative braid, and a lovely bow is placed at the bottom of the plaque.  A custom printed plaque will add $10 to the cost of the candle ordered.

Plaques can be removed from candles if necessary. Plaque candles are available in all three candle sizes, large, medium or small. Plaques are always oval in shape.  Because of the size restrictions of the plaque, they are most often custom printed by us. Plaques can be placed on Wedding, Sweetheart, Sweetheart Flare  or Lily style candles.

Printing Options

Our custom printing usually includes the couples first names and wedding date, but verses can also be added. If both a verse and names and date are desired, the name and date follows the verse. You can specify your own verse to be added to the candle, or choose from one of our “stock” verses below:

“This day I will marry my friend; the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, Love.”


 “The path to happiness is so narrow that two cannot walk on it unless they become one.”


“And now abideth Faith, Hope, Love all three and the greatest of these is Love.”


“Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust. Love still stands when all else has fallen.”


“Two lives, two hearts, joined together in friendship, united forever in Love.”


Please keep in mind, if you would like your own verse or poem added to a candle, that the more printing you have, the smaller the printing will be.   All verses can be followed by the couple’s name and wedding date, to further personalize the candle.

In addition to having custom printing added to your candle, you also have the choice of type style and text color.  You can make your selections from the examples below: (Click either to expand)

Text Colors - Click to Expand

Text Colors – Click to Expand

Typestyle Examples